Massage Therapy



Aromatherapy Massage
60-minutes $95
90-minutes $126

Rhythmic, relaxing massage techniques, combined with a warming blend of essential oils, are geared to sooth the skin and nourish the senses.  You will emerge with a sense of calm and well being.  

Integrated Massage Therapy
60-minutes $99
90-minutes $129

Relieve stress caused by pain, stress and inflammation. This one of a kind massage is designed to help you restore, balance and repair your body and mind by using a therapeutic approach that incorporates both relaxation and deep tissue massage.  

Restorative Hot Stone Massage
60-minutes $125

Heated Basalt stones, combined with long deep massage strokes, ease tension, improve skin, muscle tone and induce a calming state of rest.   

30-minutes $69                                              

This ancient Chinese technique uses pressure point point massage along with a warming blend of essential oils to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.  It also helps to eliminate toxins, relax the entire body and stimulate healthy functioning of internal organs.


Luxe Nurturing Foot Treatment $89

This luxurious, relaxing treatment offers a deep tissue foot massage to relieve heaviness, fatigue, swelling, and fluid retention. As a final touch, a tension relief gel is then applied. Excellent for those on their feet all day.



Swedish Massage
60-minutes $89
90-minutes $115                      

This classic massage substantially improves circulation, joint flexibility and muscle tone.  It is ideal for flushing toxins and loosening tight, tired and stressed muscles. 

Pre-Natal Massage
60 minutes $129


Designed to relieve pregnancy related causes of stress for the mommy-to-be including leg cramps, back pain and swelling.
During this nurturing massage, expectant mothers lie safely as muscle aches, water retention, headache and fatigue are melted away.  *Can only be booked after the first trimester.  


Thirty Minutes Your Way $69

Focused relief on problematic areas of your choice.